May I test for you?

That’s question and answer all in one.

Why MyITest4U?

Do you know a Test Automation Tool which can generate Automated Tests?
Try MyITest4U and you will know at least one.

Can you handle multi languages in your Test Automation?
MyITest4U is build in the way that you can use most of the multi language support of your application in Test Automation.

Do you want to use one tool for Test Automation, Test Management and Test Analysis?
MyITest4U uses a database as back end. The database contains all the information. There is no need for other tools.

Did you ever build a test automation framework?
Than you know all the advantages and disadvantages.

MyITest4U does not have a test framework and therefore all the discussion about how it has to be build will never take place.

Did you ever write rules about how to build an automated test?
If you did then you know how difficult it gets.

MyITest4U has only one single test. No rules needed.

Did you ever check if everybody in your team follows the rules?
Then you know how difficult it can be to convince people to stick to the rules.

Breaking the rules in MyITest4U is very hard to do and if done it is obvious immediately.

Did you ever try modularization in your programs?
Than you know how difficult it gets.

All the modules of MyITest4U are well defined. Breaking them is almost impossible.

Do you like to follow the easiest path?
Good for you.

MyITest4U will not disappoint you.

Please contact me for further informations.

Basics of Test Automation

The algorithm of Test Automation is the following:

  • Find a GuiElement.
  • Perform an Action on it.
  • Do some checks.

Using the above algorithm allows you to test any GUI application completely. Thereby the checks are done many time implicitly e.g. You do not have to check for a successful login as every step following the login will fail if the login failed.

A simple example is the login to a webpage. The login page has the following relevant GuiElements:

  • TextField           UserName
  • TextField           Password
  • Button               Login

The login is performed in the following way:

Find GuiElement                Action
TextField    UserName         Enter UserName
TextField    Password          Enter Password
Button        Login                 Click

If the login is successful you can go on if not you have to fix the problem.

Test Automation Tools usually find GuiElements by the use of certain properties. The properties used can be shown in a textual manner and therefore they can be stored in a database.

There are certain types of GuiElements like Buttons, TextFields, CheckBoxes etc. Each of these types have specific actions which can be performed. The most common action done on Buttons is clicking them and they are very rarely or never used for entering text. Text is usually entered using TextFields, TextAreas etc. It is also not common that the action used on a GuiElement changes over the life of an application.

Common changes done on a GuiElement over the life of an application are:

  • A GuiElement moves its position but keeps its functionality e.g. the layout of the application gets changed.
  • A GuiElement disappears.
  • A GuiElement is added.
  • The order of “equal” GuiElements gets changed.

Adding up the pieces to a Test Automation Tool

A Test Automation Tool can be build in the following way:

  • Store the properties of all GuiElements of an application in a database using an unique identifier for each GuiElement.
  • Build tests using a sequence of GuiElements and actions to be performed on each GuiElement.
  • Build an application which can translate the information provided in the database into actual tests.

The tool we get in this way still lacks the possibility of parameter variation and the use checkpoints (checkpoints have to be added as actions on a GuiElement e.g. Check the text on a Button).

Both can be added easily by the use of a parameter file. The parameter file contains the input values and the values of the checkpoints. Thereby the checkpoints are simple strings which have to be found or not found on a certain page.

MyITest4U puts the above considerations into use.

Try it and you will see it works.

Please contact me for further informations.

Test Maintenance

Many Test Automation project fail because test maintenance uses to much time.

MyITest4U stores the identification properties of each GuiElement in a database using an identifier build up out of the identification properties. This approach guarantees that each GuiElement used in Test Automation appears only once. If the identification properties of a GuiElement change they are changed on the database and no where else. Every GuiElement used in the Automated Tests comes from the database and so the change of identification properties of a GuiElement is reflected in all tests. There is no need to go through all test and making the changes several times.

MyITest4U supports you in your test maintenance by automating most of the steps. All you have to do by hand is map the old GuiElements to the new GuiElements and update the Test Step Sequences. The rest is done by MyITest4U.

How is this done?

MyITest4U can collect all GuiElements on a page automatically and store them in a database. These GuiElements can be the starting point to other pages. It is possible to build an algorithm which will find most of the pages of your application automatically. After the automatic collection of the GuiElements there might be still some missing. Pages containing these GuiElements can be found using tests. These tests will contain an action which collects all the GuiElements contained on the new pages. Continuing in this way will result in all GuiElements needed stored in the database.

All tests build using MyITest4U are build in the exact same way.

They are a sequence of GuiElement Action.

Once a new release of your application is made you go through the procedure of collecting all GuiElements. Than you have to map old GuiElements to new GuiElements. This mapping needs only be done for the GuiElements used in your tests. Once the mapping is done you have to go through your tests and insert all the GuiElement Action which are new and all your test will run again.


The video below show a short demonstration how a test can be build and run using MyITest4U